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20 August 2014 @ 09:07 pm
surprisingly I'm feeling quite calm about all this  

Some of these have been issues for a long while and I'm fixing them now because I'm coming out of a depression and because I have a housemate now so I have to be more responsible.

Car – I thought it would be $200 but it was over $400

I had a leaky sink and a clogged toilet. Both were replaced. I don't recall exactly for how much but it was over $300 which was quite a bit considering what I'd thought it would cost going in.

Replaced a broken part in the dryer – don't recall cost but it was pricey

Fixing car for inspection – around $500 I think

Mold in the basement – over $1000

Ceiling fans in living room and in dining room - $90 each of electrician and about $60 each for the new fans

Hot water heater happily could be fixed rather than replaced: $180

I'm sure there was more but at least $2500 so far ...

and now the fridge seems to be leaking and the microwave has broken

Hole under the porch needs to be filled in

Porch needs to be painted and wood that's worn out replaced

Dishwasher has been broken for decades

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Dragon's Phoenix dragonyphoenix on August 21st, 2014 01:12 am (UTC)
And I forgot doorknob came off the back sliding door. Oh, and I'd also had little stuff fixed around the house but it added up to the tune of $300.

I've thrown hissy fits about this twice already. I'm not sure why I'm calm today but it's nice that I am.