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My Live-it List.

I've been asked how to access my earlier stories. I've been keeping yearly summaries which I'm linking to here.

2016: Masterlink for my Giles as the Big Bad story, In a Corner of My Soul.

While I didn't join Archive of Our Own until January of 2013, I did post earlier stories, those I liked, there as well. Since AO3 does a wonderful job of providing access to stories, I'm not sure I'll continue listing summaries here on LJ.

Some of these stories, written for Taming the Muse, don't get posted elsewere.

Since my 2014 stories are listed on AO3, I posted a shout-out to some faves instead of listing them all.

In 2013 I wrote mostly Buffy fanfic, mainly shorts, and a couple of original stories, one a snippet and the other an assignment to use characters created by the other students in a writing class I was taking.

2012 stories: mostly Buffy fanfic, one of which is squicky dark, and one original story.

2011 stories: mostly Buffy fanfic, a couple of which are squicky dark, Leverage fanfic, and an original story.

2010 stories: mostly Buffy fanfic - are you sensing a theme here? - including my Yarn!Spike stories, Firefly fanfic, The Sentinel fanfic, and two original stories. My crossover between Harry Potter and Batman fandoms is quite popular on Fanfic.net.

2009 stories: BtVS, Leverage, original, Torchwood. Some of these are squicky dark but I don't differentiate them as well as I did in later years.

2008 stories: All BtVS, includes the first series I wrote, Lily Out of Water.

Stories written in response to my work (NB: I'm working on this part; if you know of any I haven't mentioned yet, please pass it along):And, as of Sep. 2014, I finally have a chance to be part of a remix:Not inspired by a specific story but gifted to me all the same:

  • As part of the fifth CoF remix, JediButtercup wrote For They Shall be Comforted (the Good Samaritan remix) based on my Blessed Are Those Who Mourn.

  • For my 2015 birthday, Kerkevik wrote me a delightful story. Since the characters are figure it out as you go along, I'll just use Kerkevik's description: Over time I've become aware that I did not like what canon had done to two characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, after fiddling with said canon a wee bit, I've come up with solutions I'm happier with, but then, as another friend of mine is fond of saying (and here I quote elisi) "isn't that what fanfic is for?" You know what? I believe she's right.

  • The heart in the snow and the amazing green man were made for me by the awesome pickamix.

  • Zooey's Bridge and I got into a discussion about who wore the pants in Giles and Jenny's relationship. Clockwork Hart was nice enough to write the fic for us. It is awesome!

  • valyssia dedicated Stone to me. I love the idea of Buffy visiting her own grave. This should have been a scene in the show.

  • for my birthday, kerkevik wrote C'era una volta... or What Happens in Rome, Stays in Rome. Poor Angelus. Poor Spike.

  • pickamix wrote me a birthday drabble, In the Stars. I adore Dru's confusion in this one.

  • kerkevik dedicated My Immortal to me. Willow is the First Lady of the U.S. *huge grin*

  • witchway used the two words from my LJ name in a sextina.

  • For my birthday in 2011,kerkevik for not only compiled three Leonard Cohen poems for me but also related them to Buffy characters.

  • Way back when I was in college, when Christian rap was a thing, I asked if there weren't any Pagan rap songs. This was written in response.

  • My haiku and two responses.

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