Dragon's Phoenix (dragonyphoenix) wrote,
Dragon's Phoenix

Fic: The Hero

Title: The Hero
Fandom: BtVS
Summary: In Prophecy Girl Buffy punches Giles so he won't interfere when she goes after the Master. What Giles is thinking as he's coming to.
Rating: G
Characters: Giles mainly but references to Jenny and Buffy
Disclaimer: They will be mine, oh yes they will, once I've taken over the world. Bwah-ha-ha!
Note: Written for a prompt at Giles Shorts – sword

When Buffy's punch had knocked him down, Rupert's thoughts flew back to his favorite boyhood game: drawing Excalibur from the stone. All the great warriors had tried and failed. When the monsters had attacked, he'd grabbed the nearest weapon to hand, drawing the sword smoothly from the stone. “Creatures of darkness beware, for I am Arthur of the Britons and your death is at hand.”

When he winced Jenny was there, asking if he was alright. “I'm not Arthur.” That seemed to upset her. He tried to explain. “I'm not the one who wields the sword. At best, I'm Merlin.”

Tags: btvs, buffy fanfic, giles
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