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22 August 2012 @ 01:36 pm
Fic: Games  

Title: Games
Fandom: BtVS
Characters: Buffy, Willow
Rating: G
Concrit: Please, in comments
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, not yet, but they will be... once I've taken over the world! Bwah-ha-ha
Note: Written for a prompt at Open on Sunday – games – but not posted there because it's over 100 words.
Word Count: 394

In the midst of gravestones, with a crypt behind her, Buffy stopped and stared at Willow. “If you were a game, what kind would you be? That's an actual homework assignment?”

“Yep,” Willow smirked. “Thinking about metaphors is supposed to make us more creative.”

“You aren't just making that up so I'll feel better about missing school?”

“No,” Willow protested. “I wouldn't do that.” When she continued, her words sounded a tad tentative. “Unless you wanted me to, that is, and, you know, I knew that you wanted me to.”

They started walking again. “No big,” Buffy said. “It's just that Mom's wigging.”

“I'm sure Principal Snyder will let you back in. I mean, doesn't he have to? Public school.”

Buffy leaned against the crypt. “I suppose.”

“So,” Willow asked expectantly.


“What kind of game would your life be?”

“Wills, I'm not in class. I don't have to do the homework.”

“Come on.”

“Fine.” Buffy thought a bit. “Jarts.”

“Um, do you mean darts?”

“No, jarts. Lawn darts, although I don't know why it wouldn't be called larts then. Big pointy darts, metal not wood, that you throw into the lawn. Some kids got hurt playing it and now it's illegal, too dangerous to be around, just like me.”

“Buffy.” Willow pulled at her arm. As they started walking again, Willow added, “You can't think that way. It isn't that you're dangerous; it's that Principal Snyder found you next to Kendra's corpse, but it's not like that was your fault.”

“Kinda was,” Buffy said. “If I hadn't gone running after Angelus...”

“Stop it,” Willow said. “You had no way of knowing.”

“I suppose.” They walked in silence to the gates of the cemetery. “You're right: no more moping. So, how about you?”

“How about me what?”

“What game for you?”

“Oh,” Willow replied. “Go. It's a game of strategy. Giles is teaching me. The first time we played, I could see his pieces surrounding me but had no idea how to stop them. All I could do was keep playing and watch him take me out. But I'm getting better, I mean I haven't won a game yet, but I'm starting to see how I might...”

Buffy smiled as Willow babbled on.

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Dragon's Phoenix: Francine bliss facedragonyphoenix on August 23rd, 2012 03:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks. That bit with the game of Go happened to me the first, and only, time I played. ;-)