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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 2

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Day 2: In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life.

I never saw Buffy when it was first on tv but I did catch episodes - 2 per week of Buffy and 1 of Angel, all seasons non-related as far as I know - in repeats. But not for long. Just as I was getting into it, the station stopped showing Buffy reruns.

And then my mother died. My friend Susan lent me her DVDs a season at a time. Since I had two weeks between loans, I watched it all, episodes, commentary, anything that was on those DVDs. Then I found fanfic. Within 6 months of my mother's death, I was writing fanfic. Writing not only helped put a distance between me and my grief, but it allowed me to start playing with who I wanted to be. Between anemia, dysfunction at work, grief, and depression it was as if I'd fallen into a pit. Writing got me out of that pit.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 1

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Yes! The Fandom Snowflake Challenge is starting us off right, asking for us to list our three favorite fanworks, at least three, that we ourselves created.

  1. In a Corner of My Soul - BtVS: Giles as the Big Bad of Season 1, still being written (the rest of my recs are complete)

  2. The Letters (the 84, Charing Cross Road remix) - BtVS: Anya / Snape - a relationship in letters, e-mails, and wedding inviations

  3. Oh, but You're a Pretty Thing - BtVS: Angelus / Darla - he'd follow her anywhere

  4. On This Side of Goodbye - BtVS: Giles and Faith friendship - if you're reading the comics you know Giles was resurrected as a 12 year old. This is my take on that and what happened after

  5. Sailing Toward the Dawn - Babylon 5: During his hitchhiking days, Stephen realizes he isn't just running way. He's running to something, even if he doesn't know what it is yet.

Francine transcendant

What gives you hope?

This morning I’ve been asking myself one question: what gives me hope for the future?

So far,

  • Jo Walton’s My Real Children - as the author has said, this novel looks at the difference one person can make in the world

  • The Parable of the Sower and all of Octavia Butler’s Earthseed novels - in a bleak and dystopian future, one woman’s vision changes the world

  • Marge Piercy’s Woman at the Edge of Time - one woman’s criminal act protects the future but at great personal cost. In all of these novels, a better future comes at a personal sacrifice.

  • Sherri Tepper’s Grass - a woman trying to good within the constraints of her society breaks free of that box, saves a world, and launches herself into an unknown adventure

  • And a song, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” - I’ve been told this song was written during the Cuban Missile Crisis and is actually about seeing hope in a newborn child

And now I’m asking you. What gives you hope? What can you look to for inspiration?

And it doesn’t have to be a novel or a movie or a song. It can be anything: your own child, the upcoming Women’s March on DC, a poem, your faith, nature. It can be anything you can think of but, please, think of it and, if you feel comfortable, share it.

And while I'd love to see it in the comments, you don't have to share it just here. Shout it. Dance it. Paint it. Tell a friend. Share it.
Taming the Muse

Prompt 38 - Abacus - Dragon's Phoenix - In a Corner of My Soul - BtVS

Taming the Muse is giving us a week off before making changes to how prompts and awards will work. But I didn't want to miss a week so I picked an old prompt, abacus, and included it in a scene from my Giles as the Big Bad fic. I'm not sure if I'll be using this scene though. It really doens't do much more than say where in the episode plotline we are.

Scene from In a Corner of My Soul
Fandom: BtVS
Prompt: 38 - abacus
Rating: PG
Word Count: 692

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not really back

Gabrielle posted to let us know she's ... well I'd say alive but I'm not sure that's what she was thinking. She posted to say she's still depressed and won't be coming back yet but still does plan to come back once she's over this.

Her last therapist - she called him a "mental health" professional but I think I'd have put the quote around the word "professional" - told her she's a terrible person who makes everyone's life harder. What a dick. Honestly, I'd be complaining to the medical board and anyone else I could think of who might have the power to shut him down. What kind of an ass says that to anyone much less someone who's depressed?

So, Gabrielle, when you do get onine and read this, it's bull.

And I hope you get better help, someone who's, you know, competent.