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jack 'o lantern

I recently found a lamp-making kit among my stuff. I didn't recall why I'd bought it until I found the picture of this jack 'o lantern. The light-bulb in uncle Fester's mouth is supposed to be lit but it was too bright so I left it off.

I actually had a girl dressed as Wednesday Addams trick or treating at my house that year.

Uncle Fester.png
halloween, teddy bear, drac

congrats on the Wicked Awards

So, I was planning to offer congrats in my other post, but LJ has this new LJ person link, different from a regular htlm link, and I was feeling a put put off by it. But I'm going to be brave. All I have to do is actually copy the link from them. I should be able to do that.

Congrats on you Wicked Awards wins to blondebitz, red_satin_doll, spikesredqueen, sueworld2003, baudown, velvetwhip, thea_bromine, eurydice72, the_moonmoth, littleotter73, rahirah, shapinglight, feliciacraft, darkheartwalsh, rebcake, beer_good_foamy, and verucasalt123,

Edited 20 Oct 2016: Oops, I'd put in a LJ person for Gabrielle, whom I don't know, rather than VelvetWhip, whom I'd meant. Fixed that.
halloween, teddy bear, drac

Let's make Buffyverse Top 5 Spanderific!

Hey, anyone else up for posting Spander recs to the Buffyverse Top 5's next session? I'm looking at epic Spander but it won't be a definitive list. I didn't keep track of my faves when I was heavily reading Spander and have only so much time before the 27th to hunt down and read epic fics.

Come join in the fun. Go Teasm Epic Spander! Yeah!

Photo of Mom and a jackass

I've been sorting through old family photos - some of which I took from Mom’s house after she passed - and came across a picture of her and an old boyfriend. Tony had thought Mom came from money because she spoke of a family farmhouse. After he met the family, he dumped her. Tony had been fucking other women while dating Mom. Tony got married on Mom’s birthday which, in the middle of January, just isn’t a big wedding month.

Damn but I was upset to see this photo. I knew she’d still had feelings for him even years later. I’d once noticed a picture of him on her fridge and when I commented on it she said in one of those artificially chipper tone of voices, “Is there really?”

The photo had been tucked away with some studio shots she’d had done in the ‘80s so I can let myself imagine she had eventually forgotten it was there. I put it away and found it again yesterday.

I decided to burn the photo but cut them apart first. Once I looked at Mom alone, I saw how happy she’d been. I’d planned to burn the two pieces separately and put the ashes from his side into salt to break any bond, but after I’d seen her alone I felt I couldn’t deny her that happiness. Yeah, he’d been an ass, but before that she’d been happy. So I just burned the two pieces together.